Thomas Trance

Started Dj’ing at the early age of 12. Mostly listening to import dance music from the US and electronic body music like Kraftwerk. Experimenting with sounds, samples and Atari ST computers had his full attention from early on. At the age of 16, he became a resident DJ in a club called “Capri”. A club shrouded in mystery, playing dark alternative music and ebm.

During the height of the New Beat era in Belgium. He roamed the clubs in Antwerp, and made his first entry into the Belgium Dance Scene in the early summer of 1987. Mesmerized by the mysterious and dark sounds of New Beat, he started gathering the best “New Beat and EBM” tracks he could find. Which made him like many others in that era, a regular visitor of USA Import in Antwerp.

His interest in computer technology and music made him a serious collector of electronic music equipment like the Roland TR 808, TR 909 and the famous TB 303. Only to possess a respectable list of hardware by the year 1992. In that same year, he started his own recordlabel “Underground Experience” releasing his first “Acid House” EP on vinyl and selling a thousand copies. He went on to become a student in sound engineering at the Seagull Sound Studio’s, where his EP was recorded. Working late at night on a new “never to be released” hard style techno project called; “the Evil Dance project”. In 1996, he started as managing director of an exclusive nightclub called “the Coconut Club” where he also was one of the resident DJ’s. Playing Deep House and Tropical flavored sounds. It was there where he really started mastering the art of DJ’ing. Creating beats, rhythm’s and samples that he used in his late-night mix sessions to entertain the crowds.

The last couple of years, next to his regular work as a computer engineer, Thomas has been creative on his own YouTube channel by regularly posting music productions freely online. Slowly gathering a crowd of subscribers that like and follow his work. And now, seriously dedicated to go back in time, and create some interesting “New Beat” productions for Fenix Fire Records.